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Important Links

The Compleat Mother Magazine   
Birth, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding--radical, indeed!

The Birth.org

Citizens for Midwifery

Illinois Families for Midwives

Natural Man, Natural Woman
Jock Doubleday's site: Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc. is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to advocating natural childbirth, breastfeeding, natural birth control, organic agriculture, and natural remedies for disease.

Pregnancy Guide A parents resource of information on pregnancy, birth and babies.  Includes free stuff for parents, symptoms and week by week calendar, exercise nutrition and cord blood info for moms to be.

Sites En Espanolmm

Bebitos-En Espanol This is the Home Page of the sweet woman who translated part of my site into Spanish

from Ponce, Puerto Rico.  the picture is about birth among
the native peoples of Puerto Rico (& the Caribbean).  they were killed off by the Spaniards & Columbus.

nonhospital birth and how it lost favour


Fen's Ende-a VERY informative and comprehensive midwife site

Lesbian Mothers Support Society
-interesting and very informative site for lesbian parents

Yahoo's Midwifery Links Site

Marilyn's Midwifery Page

The GoodNews Network (Faith Gibson)

Midwifery Today Magazine

Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)

LaLeche League

Childbirth at Home

Waterbirth Website
nearlyeverything you wanted to know about WaterBirths

Giving Birth Underwater-
even more information!

Mid-Oregon Midwifery Services-offers great midwifery background

Hospital Births vs Home Births (MOMS)

Links galore...

World Health Organization (WHO)-midwifery info

A Short History of Midwifery
"Midwives are the most common birth attendant in the world. The average child is born in this world is born into the hands of a midwife." (Parkland Memorial Hospital)!!

History of Midwifery in the United States
(according to the Parkland School of Nurse-Midwifery)

Home Midwifery Association (QLD,Inc.)
(We are a network of supporting mothers, families, midwives and educators who believe it is fundamentally a woman's right to choose when, where, how and with whom you give birth.)-RIGHT ON!


Home Birth (Kate Weber Brown)
"What if... just what if, the hospital isn't the very best place to have a baby?"

Birth Contrasts
a table of the differences between the medical and the woman-oriented approaches to birth.

The Safety of Home Birth
(more GREAT info from Ms. Brown)

The Farm Study
" In addition, the laboring woman is encouraged to stay off her back and remain physically mobile through labor and delivery.

Nick Stanton's Homebirth Site
hooray for the English!

CIRP- Circumcision related information

Potpourri of Midwife sites

CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
(well worth visiting here)

Pregnancy and Parenting Naturally!
(very informative and friendly site)


Christian Midwife Homebirth Service of San Diego

Unique Baby Boutique - a shopping store for attachment parents, birth, doula, midwife,

 breastfeeding slings, haba toys, and much more!